Bryan Hunsinger's Blog aggregates the hottest trending content in real time, ranked by social engagement.

I’ve always wanted a single destination to discover what others find engaging online. Bouncing from one news site to another just to see and possibly taking the time to read articles online takes a huge amount of time and work. The old way of aggregating news was via a RSS reader, or other social news websites that are user-submitted. Examples would be Slashdot, Fark, Digg and Reddit. These sites are great, but rely on users that may not have the intention of sharing only because it is good content.

I believe that increased social engagement indicates better quality content, and that is why I built the and the trendn iPhone app. Instead of bouncing from news site to news site reading the front page, trendn aggregates stories, articles, photos and videos based on the amount of “social sharing” others have done with the content. People still visit 4-6 sites per day for news, and I hope this saves them time and the trouble of discovering good content online.

If no one else is reading or engaging with a story, why should you? Your time is valuable. Find the best content, and stay on top of the news with one website.